Running Plans


Either if you want to accomplish your first 5k or you are an experienced runner seeking for a marathon PR , I´ll be super happy to help you in your process. Your goal is my goal.


Personalized Running Plan  (PRP)
(includes evaluation  and program design )
$80 CAD
FULL SEASON (4 months)
Personalized Running Plan  (PRP)
(includes evaluation and program design)
$288 CAD

For payment information, please contact me alinosuna@gmail.com 


**For the people living in the Montreal area, you can also book personal training sessions with me (for everybody, you don´t have to be a runner)
**And attend to my weekly Running Technique session!



My training style focuses on developing functional strenght, mobility, flexibility and great resistance.

All of my plans are 100% individual and focused on each client goals, either if it´s general fitness, losing weight or the development of certain attributes for specific sports or activities.

Also, it can be totally focused on running, from starting points to advanced runners who want to improve their pace and resistance.

Individual Training Session (ITS) $40 CAD
Personalized Running Plan  (PRP)
(includes evaluation , program design and Weekly Running Technique session)
$80 CAD (month)
Personalized Running Plan Plus (PRP+)
(includes evaluation, program design , Weekly Running Technique session and 4  ITS )
$205 CAD (month)
Weekly Running Technique Session -annual membership-  (RTS) $60 CAD (year)

For payment information, please contact me alinosuna@gmail.com